By CanCarrier


Wandered up town, checked an electricity meter, then went and sat in the Meadows for a couple of hours. 

Everybody was out in the sunshine, cricket, volleyball, barbecues, you name it. 

This is the first time I have been able to go out without a jacket in confidence, let's hope the fine weather stays for a while. 

A half pint in the pub on the way home and an evening watching The Hit Man's Bodyguard put a cap on the day. 

I don't believe I can name another film with so much gratuitous violence. Nor one with such casual use of bad language. Having said that I thoroughly enjoyed the silliness, the one liners, the stunts, the music and the fact that the women were at least as foul mouthed and violent as their menfolk. 

I might even go and see the sequel which is on the big screen at the moment. 

My blip today is irises outside the palace. 

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