By Hillyblips

Don't Stop Me Now

The whitethroat chicks have fledged and now mum and dad are coping with their youngsters feeding frenzy in the bushes, nettles and brambles on the canal bank. They were coming in with food nearly every two minutes; so many juicy caterpillars it was astounding! 

This pair may have two broods before setting off back to Africa in August/September. I'm surprised they will have the energy frankly. 

I am still feeding the foxes despite the upheavals going on outside, leaving an egg by a tree stump so they get used to knowing where it is. Last night Tilly very kindly picked the egg up from the field, brought it up to the bedroom without our knowledge and placed it at the side of the bed as a present for Hubs. Very sweet of her placing it so he wouldn't miss it just where he would step out of bed!

A slight crisis when I tried to download my pictures from this afternoon as I think my SD card was faulty or it could have been the card reader. I think I damaged quite a few pictures when I tried to get them straight from the camera which seemed like a good idea at the time but obviously wasn't. I did manage to retrieve a few using an old card reader which I'm thankful for.

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