Two methods of identifying a vessel as "restricted in its ability to manoeuvre" (in this case, a previously Blipped dredger):

By day, three shapes in a vertical line - a diamond with one ball above, and one ball below;

By night, all-around lights in a vertical line - a white light, with one red light above, and one red light below.

After last night's swim, near every muscle in me was in shock this morning. Getting out of bed and moving about was a major undertaking. Temperature outside had risen to just above zero, and the roads were clear, so I cycled... somewhat slowly!

Possibly something for a future Blip greeted me upon drawing the kitchen curtains this morning. I hadn't seen it in the dark last night. Some large bird, probably a Wood Pigeon, had flown straight into the window. There's a fairly surprising impression left on the glass, of its body and extended wings. Presumably from the oil (for waterproofing) that it had on its feathers. Even its legs/feet have left a faint mark. Judging by some feathers nearby, it didn't survive, and something else has made off the carcass. Must have made one helluva bang when it hit.

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