Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Fiona and books

Fiona with help from Rexie, read a lot of entries from her important people book to entertain us.   She made us guess who they were.  We missed George Plimpton .... now why was he in this book with George Washington Carver and Mr. Rogers and Billy Jean King, and Terry  Fox, and Helen Keller?    I’m glad she likes books ( the real paper kind) so much.  This one had great illustrations which were our last hint.  See here. The book is Extraordinary People by Michael Hearst, illus by Aaron Shamihorn.
I read some of Lost Spells to her..
Extras show visitors today.... S and Daisy outside, the view from my “new “ bed... R brought lovely caprese salad and tiramisu ...all I did was print some color stuff for her.    I’m worn out tonight.  Good night.

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