By dogwithnobrain

Round round get around

Am having continuing problems with my glasses. You know the glasses which were going to rejuvenate my eyesight.

I’ve been feeling sick and dizzy the whole time I’ve been wearing them. And after screaming at someone else at work because I was frustrated at not being able to see my screen properly I went and got an appointment this morning.

I’ll say for them that they were very thorough. They checked my eyes; my glasses; they adjusted the legs; the
Frame. But were unable to make it any better Apparently I am Vari-intolerant

I could barely see when I left and was very teary

Things got worse when I got up to our car and it wouldn’t bloody open : I called Si; ‘I can’t get the bloody car open... ‘ I broke the key fob open and tried to force the key into the lock.

As I stood there..a man walked past and nodded to me and nodded his head behind me.

There was my car... one car away.

Bloody bollocky buggars

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