By dogwithnobrain

I have no fear cos you are all that I have

Tonight after dinner himself and I took off up to Kilmarnock for a wee quick visit to BQ to pick up some sand and stones. 

He wants to finish off the slabbing tomorrow... weirdly BQ has a shortage of building supplies.. they have a sign on the door  We got mostly what we needed, we will make do and mend if it's not sufficient.

We drove home the long way - over the country side - we were going to go through Symington, where we used to live, but  at the very last moment I thought - No  i want to see the Tree Tunnel .... See Extra.

Tree Tunnel is where we first heard Tooli string two words together.  That was them. TWWEEE TUNNEL.

It was in full flower.  Beautiful;  breathtaking - but also  - the view on coming out of the tree tunnel was equally worth a look too.

Aw.  We do love in a beautiful part of the country., and the world. 

we drove home via the town, and an ice cream, and came home with plans for the weekend ready for us.

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