By dogwithnobrain

Looking back I could have played it differently

Saturday Morning Again. 

And we rose... .Himself had a haircut at 9, I had a haircut at 10.   We had the shopping done and away by 8.40.  While he was at the hairdresser - I was doing the town shopping. 

Then he dropped me at the hairdressers and he started at the allotment.  When I got up there (all beeeyootiful)  - it was cloudy but warm. I nabbed a coffee from the drift coffee van, and sat and enjoyed that whilst he topped up the potatoes. 

I set about the borders on my plot.  The daffodil leaves had finally collapsed, and I nipped them all back,  I dug up a lupin and left a foxglove. 

Then I watered all of the flowers, and all of the sweet corn. 

When we got home, we had a bit of lunch and then started in the garden. Repotting stuff, weeding - himself was laying the rest of the slabs.   And he did it, with a flourish. 

We were still working in the garden at 5.30.... and were ready to collapse by 6.30 once Showers had been taken. 

watched twaddle on the tv and we were in bed by 9.45.

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