While on my runs

By waipushrink

The path to nowhere

Another afternoon in the Fidelis garden. Twice as long as yesterday. Finished the last part of the side garden towards the point. Earlier today we bought some flower seeds; three packets of different mixes. Will scatter those when the time is right. Which isn't just yet.

I then moved to the "path to nowhere". When I'm driving S' car, I hear the classic hits selection of the station she has the radio on. (I tend to play CDs or have it on silent in my car; I'm variously advised to listen to podcasts or serious radio stations on the long commute. The problem is that while most of the time the drive is very mechanical, the concentration required at times means I don't hear the music. My worry is that if I'm concentrating on words, I'll miss cues in the traffic, and have a whoopsie.)

The point of this is that one of the songs that gets played frequently has the recurring line "I'm on the road to nowhere". This isn't a road. And it's not really to nowhere. Just the edge of the cliff. Which is not a vertical fall, and there's lots of trees and shrubs and stuff to stop the tumble of anyone foolish enough to go too far past the end of the path.

In the two years or so since I've done very much down there, a number of cabbage trees have sprouted and although most are on either side of the path, there is one almost in the centre of the path. I'm very inclined to leave it there and wind the path around it. In part to slow the unwary user of this path .

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