Gaia's Child

By maura143

Geeze! Get a Room Already!

The rainy season has finally begun here in North Central Florida. And the Southern Toads certainly got the message! Yesterday at the DogPark, I saw not a one. This morning there were hundreds in the ponds! See the *extra...
The one 'embracing' a soggy tennis ball was either practicing his wooing techniques, desperation or total confusion! 
Yes, eight years of Blipping without a miss!  Guess that's a sign of utter dedication or perhaps crossing the fine line toward something more serious! I have deep appreciation in my heart for both the Crew that keeps this ship afloat and my Fellow Blippers. An honor it is to be a part of this Family and this Community. When someone asks me how they can become a more accomplished photographer, my answer is alway...shoot every day and study the work of others who enjoy the Art Form! 
Be Well My Friends!

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