By Veronica

Flaming June

... continued. I know, it's officially a blipday, so this is a bit of a lame effort for such a prestigious moment. I didn't even leave the house for it. But while Blipfoto says it's my eight-year anniversary, I've actually been blipping for exactly nine years and five months, so it doesn't feel like a special day. It It might look a bit better large. 

As ever, I'm happy to still be here, and certainly during lockdown Blipfoto has been a sanity-saver at times. Three cheers for the gang at BlipCentral for keeping it running so smoothly.

It was overcast and steamy this morning when I went out for my clandestine sausage rendezvous (Cumberland and Great British Bangers this time). I couldn't find anything inspiring to take photos of en route (I took no photos yesterday for the same reason). The forecast downpour arrived right on time at 5 pm, scheduled to continue for the rest of the evening. So it's just as well S and R cancelled the barbecue they'd invited us to this evening due to illness. We have a lunch date at a restaurant tomorrow ... supposedly the sun will be shining by then.

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