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Flower ...........

 ............... Friday 4_2021  (FF04_2021)

Green on pink .................... more of it larger!!

Bit of a nightmare kitchen-wise  -  refit boys, electrician and the gas man cometh today  -  electrician, tick,  gasman, tick, refit boys, tick ........

The tiles are not all exactly the same size or thickness (handmade), nightmare for young Lee who is learning to tile (and doing it very well under difficult circumstances) tick for Lee, big X for the tile supplier, the second (yes, second) kitchen sink was bent - the first one was "benter" (lol) - big X,  the support pole for a part of the countertops scratched, big X,  three doors have to be replaced, very big X, no grommits for the inside of the wall units, small X, pipework for under the kitchen sink, all wrong, huge X ......... one refit boy back tomorrow to finish off the pipework and a bit of boxing-in of a couple of pipes, tick ..... and the rest has to wait for replacements  -  hooooge X ................  aaaargh.

On the plus side, even though Himself doesn't like it, I think it's going to look great  -  eventually.    Also a plus, we have electricity, water and gas in the kitchen - it's been nearly three weeks - yay!!!

Smile for the Day:

Newspaper Headline:

Man who installs kitchen worktops for a living is jailed for two years.

Police say he was convicted of counter fitting!

Boom boom.


~ Anni ~

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