By Beinghere

Garden Party

The day started with Maggie arriving before I was even dressed.  I was expecting her, just not so early.  She hadn`t had her breakfast because she wanted to have porridge with her Nana.  So, I duly obliged and got the porridge on, which we enjoyed with blueberries.
Then it was all go for the next four hours.  Maggie is a wee charmer.  She may be only two and a half, but she knows how to manipulate me - in a good way.  We went to the park and played on the swings and roundabout, then home again to play with Geordie in the garden.  When I fed the birds Maggie said, "there`s no birds Nana", so I told her just to wait and see.  Two minutes later she was watching from the bedroom window, squealing with excitement at all the birds fighting over the food.
We had wraps for lunch and Maggie filled her own with chicken and lettuce and peppers and cheese.  She was so pleased with herself and ate every last bit of it.
After lunch we did girlie things like painting our nails and putting on make-up.  I was getting ready to go out for the afternoon, so Maggie just joined in the preparations.

Maggie was picked up and I went down to a friend`s for the afternoon.  Four of us sat in her garden in beautiful sunshine, and ate, drank and chatted the afternoon away.

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