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Belatedly ...

Can't be doing with Blip going down just when I am about to write ... but glad it seems to have fixed the problem I was having with the previous entry, where the photo refused to appear on my phone app after a long struggle to upload it ...

So, on another grey morning, a photo of yesterday's sunshine on my flowers. My front garden won't achieve this amount of colour again until next year, so no apologies for going on about them. The purple is a surprise patch of stonecrop (I think) which has popped up under a decrepit bench, and the red lanterns are on my Chilean Lantern Tree, which I have stubbornly called my Tricuspidaria lanceolata ever since an erudite friend, long dead, casually mentioned it in passing. (Wikipedia tells me "It is endemic to Chile, where it occurs from Cautin to Palena. It grows near streams and in very humid and shady places." It grows happily all over Cowal).

The day went speedily downhill after lunch, becoming grey and midgy. Said midges drove us away from the area round our church, where we'd been doing recordings, back down the road to the sea, where, as on the previous day, the sun was returning and there were no midges. We walked in peace.

Footnote to the previous blip - or perhaps Wednedsday's - I collected a tick beside my knee and had to howk it out with my special hooked tweezers. No.2 for this season. Meh.

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