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By Kanyl

The ins and outs of carnivores?

Last year?  (Was it)  I started to dabble with carnivorous plants. 
Choosing the cheaper ones I found I could buy two and the P&P was exactly the same as if I bought one = LOGIC(?)
So I did. 
Both the Butterworts overwintered outside.  They practically vanished over winter, returning during March.

I've just looked the Drosera binata up to find that:-

"The average, annual, minimum temperature zone where Drosera binata Coromandel Ranges N Z is cold hardy USDA Zone :9

20° to 30°F  or for the rest of the civilised world - = -6.5° to -1°C

Type of plant - perennial "

The Drosera binata were divided in location.
on the left - "Left" outside; I thought it was a gonner, having had temps below their -1˚C and close to, if not lower than their quoted -6˚C.
However it is "WOKE".   I just hope that doesn't mean its IQ has been halved, like most of the WOKE crowd.

On the right - Over-wintered on the kitchen window cill.
VAST difference.

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