By FotoAlex

Joker's Jinx

Jill and I went to Six Flags America, our third amusement park this year. We activated our Six Flags season passes in doing so. We only rode a few things because a storm (in the background) was rolling in and we stopped to take photos.

What was exciting was we were let back in with our cameras. We rode rides, went to the car to get cameras and re-entered. This park's rules online say cameras with lenses longer than 3 inches (7.6 cm) and interchangeable lenses are not allowed. A security guard stopped us and asked another employee if it was OK. She said yes, so we got in. Yes! We just went in and acted like we belong. The storm never got bad where we were. We only got a few sprinkles and clouds.

There are so many cicadas out here. This is east of us and at a lower elevation, so there are either more cicadas here or ours haven't all emerged yet. We saw tons while driving in (we hit several, and one hitched a ride on the driver's side window for a few minutes), and the sounds inside the park were almost deafening. It was amazing.

Afterward we went to Trader Joe's and World Market for some groceries and snacks. Then I drove us the two hours back home. It was a good visit. Though I will say I hate driving in the D.C. area. It's a nightmare and makes me so angry. One person almost cut us off and hit us, and another person wouldn't let me change lanes. They kept speeding up to close the gap even though I was signaling and trying to get over. Just ease up for two seconds!

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