By FotoAlex

Ride the rails

I met my friend Matt to go for a ride on the GAP trail. He rode in from Washington, D.C., yesterday and was spending the day here to rest before heading back tomorrow.

We went for a 13-mile ride to the tunnel and back. It was nice. I was worried he'd be intense because he goes on long bike rides on trails, but he made it a leisurely pace. I think my ultimate goal is to go the 16 miles to Frostburg and back. It's uphill the whole way there, so I have to build up to it.

We stopped in a big curve along the scenic railroad line to rest and talk to two other cyclists. While talking, several of these funny vehicles passed by us on the rails. They are from Tracks and Yaks, a business where you pedal down the rail line for about 10 miles. At the end, you're shuttled back to town, and a motorized vehicle pulls these things back. Jill and I want to ride it because it looks fun. It could make for good photos too.

It was great seeing Matt. I don't really have friends here, and because of the pandemic, I haven't interacted with anyone in a year. I feel awkward, angry and stupid. But hanging out with Matt was nice and made me feel more human. After our ride, we went to Corner Tavern, where Jill joined us for lunch.

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