By Shutterup

5 and counting

I turned on the nestcam this morning and 7 little birds were up to high jinx.  Much wing beating and jumping up to doorway and up to the ceiling.. hanging by one foot and of course being first in the queue for the fattest caterpillars which were being brought by both parents.  There was so much activity I thought they would probably be going to flit the nest today so was about to set up the camera outside when the sainsburys shop arrived.  By the time I had brought that in and stowed it away I realised that two had already gone.. wow.. a gentle slow wander round the garden found nothing... I waited and watched quietly to spot the parents feeding the fledglings in a tree or shrub but not a sign.. just one active parent feeding the nest site.  Good luck little adventurers, god speed.  We carried on with our day aware of the birds when we passed the tv or the nestbox outside.. and then there were 4 left.. These final four are clearly younger and not quite ready. perhaps they will have to leave tomorrow. Tonight they were quite subdued but with more room to stretch their wings they will develop quickly.
What a thrill to have been able to watch them grow over the past three weeks.
Gigaclear brought the connections to our doors today having got private land permissions to do so. They were very polite and quick and tidied up the shoddy mess left by the next door builders when they dug in the water pipe. Altogether a much better job was done.

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