By GracieG

In a nutshell...

...I enjoyed a pleasant walk from Morston Quay to Blakeney early this morning.  What really made my day was hearing a cuckoo, a rare sound these days.

I know times change but I'm a little disappointed that the building opposite the car park in Blakeney is now a cafe and bakery.  I'm pleased that it's a success for the business owners (there was a substantial queue for takeaway coffees and cake at 9am this morning), but I used to love to browse there for locally made crafts and gifts, which were always very reasonably priced too.

What disappointed me even more though was the quantity of discarded 'crabbing' buckets, nets, string etc. left on the quayside.  Any of those items falling into the water could be a potential hazard for  wildlife as well as an eyesore.  We know we need visitors to boost the local economy (especially now) but a little respect for our beautiful area would be appreciated.

My feelings of equilibrium were restored by the return walk along the coast path, soothed by the sound of skylarks, curlews and redshank.

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