By suehutton

Meconopsis in the Rain

Today we went to Uppingham to visit Clive and Elaine who we haven't seen for two years, thanks to you know what. It struck me how much more frail they had got in the interval and I wondered if we too had deteriorated. I know my poor  mobility has had an impact.

Elaine had prepared a light lunch which we ate on the top lawn despite the threat of rain. Elaine insisted on carrying everything out herself. She moved remarkably like Julie Walters playing the aged waitress in the Victoria Wood sketch.

The butcher had supplied the gluten free sausages but I couldn't eat the wonderful quiche supplied by a local baker. I'm tempted to try and make a gluten free version.

Elaine had to go because she was on duty at an NGS garden opening just around the corner. Clive gave us a tour of the garden and I took some photos. The Meconopsis is his pride and joy. It rained. Basil got rather wet but didn't seem to mind even though he refuses to walk through puddles.

We adjourned to the conservatory for a cup of tea and a long chat and reminiscences. We had all worked together at Botswana Geological Survey in the 1970s.

Then it was 5 pm. Elaine had still not returned and Clive said that he would have to join her at 6 pm for gin and tonic at the house where she'd been on duty.

G, their son, arrived. Basil acknowledged him by purring. A pleasant journey home through the countryside. I had to direct Len at every turning. He really didn't altogether know where he was.

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