Northern Star

By Lifferz

Garden Delight

Today the forecast rain did not arrive. I spent the day in the garden and hardly ever sat down. I managed to finish digging out a plot of land which now contains some sprouting potatoes that were in the kitchen, fingers crossed on that one.

I’ve also now planted out half of the climbing French beans that I’ve got. I’ve just got to wait for the remaining seedlings to grow a bit more before I can chance it. I’m hoping that I’ll get the other seedlings out later this week.

The wisteria has finally made an appearance. Much less vibrant and much more delicate than usual and definitely only about half of the flowers. Never mind, it’s been a strange and cool start to the growing season so I’m not too surprised. At least it’s here and I can enjoy it.

I now have a poly tunnel full of tomato plants and pepper plants. I have absolutely no idea where the melons are going to go. I’ll have to problem solve that during the week!

Planted edible flowers, lettuce and two courgettes in the raised beds.

Spoke to my folks and brother this evening which was really lovely.

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