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By ajt

Last rays

After breakfast we went for a bike ride - 40 km, and other than a bit of fun where the road was closed for reconstructions a pretty good loop. My wife says I even caught the sun!

Yesterday we watched a rip of a DVD we took out from the library. If I rip the DVD to an MP4 file, I can combine it with subtitles which makes following the story a bit easier. However the DVD was scratched, so the rip was truncated, and I don't know what happened at the end. Last night I started a recovery process to see what I get back from the disk. The first pass took 5 hours and this morning I started the second pass - which has now been running for 13 hours and claims to have recovered 23% of the damaged data...

The pollen count is quite high here, so I'm starting to suffer, so last night I took a loratadine tablet before bed, and I think I'll be on it every night now for a while. I find it does make me a little sleepy, but if I take them before I sleep it's not so bad and it does stop me from rubbing my eyes at night when I have less control than during the day.

Today's late blip is another view of an ox-eye daisy. There was light in the garden, but with a little flash (set 1 stop down) you get quite a nice effect, and the background drops away to black.

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