The River

What an embarrassment! I was by the open back door and I heard a call. It was my neighbour. She was trying to rescue a fledgeling from the lawn, she wanted to get it safe from Cato, who'd had it. She had guests at the door but couldn't let them in until she'd got it. It hopped away into the bushes and I whistled to Cato to try to get him in. I managed to get Cato in and let her know and she told me she got the little bird and went to put him back in the nest and found Cato there trying to help himself to another!

I know it's double standards but I love that little cat and I hate this springtime cat behaviour. I hate it double when it's in such an obvious and embarrassing situation. He's grounded for the moment until those chicks have fledged.

This morning was overcast and we had a little rain around the middle of the day. After that the sun come through and it's been a lovely afternoon. My blip is the view over the river this afternoon.

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