Still Rockin'

By RockArea

Emsworthy Blues

I was awake early this morning and decided to get up and out. It didn't look all that encouraging as it was quite foggy but I decided to press on and for a change as I gained height it became clearer. I was at the car park at Saddletor at 5.45 and it was good to see the mist rising as I walked. I did a circular route on Haytor Down and as I got back to high ground I could see big swathes of blue down around Emsworthy Mire.

These bluebells come out much later than the woodland ones but they're very late this year. They usually come out from around the start to the middle of May. As I got closer I could see that they were far more extensive than I'm used to seeing. If I'd shot from the position I took my main blip in previous years there wouldn't have been much of a show. I've added an extra from a viewpoint on the other side.

I managed to see the cuckoo in flight on my way there.

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