By amandoAlentejo

Saudades in the Afternoon

Peaceful music making on a Brazilian cavaquinho, from the old book we used for years in Brazil... and remembering that we should have been in Faro, waiting for our boy to arrive from England...

Inbetween a full morning of socialising at church, the Adega, and lunch at Cecílio and Ermelinda's, and then an evening with the covered wagon family, which is always a fun mixture of French, Spanish, English and Portuguese, with lots of laughter.

Church was dramatic with a lady fainting into the middle aisle, and the ambulance folk coming to carry her out - about a twenty minute gap in the proceedings. Impressed with the calm way it was dealt with. 

Embarrassed to be English here today, as the Portuguese feel they were conned into hosting the two English football teams, to then be totally let down, even though they bent over backwards to make everything safe, and even though they didn't complain when the English fans didn't wear masks and drank way too much. The Portuguese all wear masks in public places and it's considered very bad form (or an illness) to actually get drunk.

- a full day, beginning with watching said son helping lead our church's 8:30 livestream, less time to brood
- understanding Portuguese friends, who don't hold our nation's bad behaviour against us
- music, in the Catholic church this morning, on my pavement this afternoon, and tonight in the cigano church below us, all very different, but all good

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