Favourite Things

Watching "Sound of Music" - first time for the kids - had forgotten so much of it, and how scary it is at the end... we thought, afterwards, we could have ended it at the intermission, and it would still have been a great film for small children. And the lighting, so beautifully done, loved the light on the Mother Superior's face when she's singing. And what a ridiculous song is "Sixteen Going on Seventeen".

Been exiled from the attic all day, but it's DONE! Mike is still clearing up all the white dust from sanding, but it looks really good.

- that I can actually unpack and tidy up now... but is it worth it??
- getting the floor swept and mopped before the family came downstairs this morning
- reading Stig to Zion, never realized it's set about a hundred years ago - what a perfect example of a "wild childhood"

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