Attic Cocktails

Deb and Zion just came up to the attic with a "gin and elderflower cooler" for each of us. Mike has been sanding and fitting electrical sockets, and I'd been ordering vacuum cleaner bags and printer cartridges after two unsuccessful trips into Sutton for both items. 

Aa well as the book Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race, though it's out of stock - hoping it's because a lot of people are wanting to understand better... 

Did a rainbow walk this morning in the Park, as per Rosina's suggestion, finding something for each colour in the rainbow. We also got caught in heavy rain and driving wind - but we survived, and learnt it could actually be quite fun. Definitely rainbow weather, not that we saw one.

- kids who aren't wimps
- being able to buy online (though I'd prefer physical browsing)
- still no cancellation by Brittany ferries... surely??

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