Launching Paper Boats

Today we made paper boats and took the kids to Pype Hayes Park, which as kids, we called "Grandma's Park", as it was near her house, and "Grandad's Park" was Rookery, where he'd lived as a child. But it was Grandad who used to take us there when we'd come to England, as I remember. And pretty sure we sailed boats of some sort. He probably did the same with his two daughters, my Mum and her twin sister, who looks at this Blip, so she can tell me... Like the thought of four generations launching boats from this same spot (see extra).

But the main reason I wanted to take Zion and Allegra there was because thought we'd see baby birds, and sure enough, we saw two very aggressive swans and their three cygnets, two families of Canada geese, and eight ducklings, plus two sorts of gulls, coots, moorhens, and a heron in a tree on the island.

- being part of a good family
- the rain holding off while we were in the Park, and the sound of good rain, now, on the roof
- strawberries, chocolate covered meringues and squirty cream for dessert - after a Moroccan meal made by Sam and Paul

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