By amandoAlentejo

Rain Keeps Falling

Left my camera behind on our Nature walk today, the better to manage umbrellas. Wonderful to have rain, though the clothes on the line are soaked and it's undeniably less cheerful with no sunshine. Incredible to think that at this time yesterday, we were sweltering in a garden in Mersea, and today I'm cold indoors, wearing a cardigan. 

Walked across the road with Allegra, to the garden on the corner, which always has flowers spilling over the hedge, liked these everlasting sweet peas, not as special as the annuals, but still pretty, especially with the raindrops.

- much needed rain, softly falling all the day long
- seeing new fungi and a small forest of foxgloves on our Nature walk
- classic books I ordered for the kids arriving: Stig of the Dump and Charlotte's Web, good reading coming up...

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