Unwilling blip subject

Living near the river

A chance read of a comment on a Facebook group prior to my run had me thinking about the changes at the caravan site I run beside and taking a fee pictures to post in that group. See extra.

Caravans were once a lower cost holiday option but the cheaper units are vanishing fast and being replaced with 'chalets' with ever increasing specs and prices. The car park was heavy on expensive cars.

My Dad came for a BBQ and wasn't feeling good.  He had spent a lot of time yesterday cutting down nettles in his neighbours garden. Too much I think.

He doesn't like me taking his picture but was a captive audience.  I'd managed to pick up some 'orange stickered' (reduced price) bread on my supermarket trip earlier in the day.  He likes to buy this for his freezer so was pleased with the haul.

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