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Baby Apples

Had a chance to set up this shot of some of our baby apples - they are Cox’s Orange Pippin. Last year we had the first ever decent crop - more than a dozen - and they were lovely. Hoping we may get a good crop again this year.

There was very little wind so I decided to have have a go at a focus stack (focus bracket in Canon speak). Used my 100 mm macro lens. This is a 30 shot stack, merged in Affinity which I think has made a good job of it.

Son is (supposed to be) moving house today - sadly the removers, who were due to come for his stuff this morning, let him down and can’t collect until this afternoon. Fortunately the buyer for his old house is a landlord buying to rent - and is not moving in.

Blipping early as I may have to go and collect keys to his new house before going to transport him and his cat from his old house!

Looks much better in LARGE :-)

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