By dunkyc


I love film so very very much. 

It is a passion which has stayed with me from a very young age. l remember my Nan taking me to see Bambi when I was younger (although we left at the interval, my Nan thinking the film was over) and the thrill of being taken up to the Leicester Square Odeon to see ET and getting a badge as a souvenir from the foyer.

Empire magazine (the absolute best film magazine, bar none) is a regular feature in my home and my own personal bible. It’s pretty rare that their take and reviews of films aren’t spot on.

Even now, in my forties, I still get a buzz walking into a cinema to see a film for the first time and still get excited about certain films coming out. Today was one of those days when an extended trailer was released for In The Heights which features the titular opening number. Lin-Manuel Miranda who wrote and starred in the stage production as Usnavi, gives way to his Hamilton counterpart; Anthony Ramos, to take the lead. The children and I watched the trailer a couple of times today and agreed that Ramos looks and sounds great in the part.

With the sun coming out to play and continuing doubt surrounding get-aways and what not, this is the film we need right now!!

Also; I was back to work today: it wasn’t awful, the children were back with me: we put up some serious Yahtzee scores and my outdoor bathtub full of green stuff is hell bent on consuming us all.

“Oooh you better stop rapping 
You not ready 
It’s gonna get hot and heavy
And you already sweaty”

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