By dunkyc


esterday I was waxing lyrical about my love of film and the presence of Empire magazine in my life - I’m sure it was all you thought about today….

The latest edition of said magazine arrived today and was out on the table and clocked by the children. M’boy chuckled when he saw it and said “Dad, these magazines are everywhere! There’s some on the shelves in this room, there’s more in the back room and this cupboard here is full of them too!”

It’s a good job he never saw the lifetime collection I heartbreakingly threw out a few years back….

Anyway, I digress…..so, on having a sneaky peak whilst on a boring call, I flick over 3 pages and am greeted with an advert for a new collection of ludovico einaudi tracks entitled “cinema”. At that particular moment I was totally f…….I mean, really pi………having a really bad day. With our systems stubbornly refusing to work for me, I shut everything down and popped outside to smell the roses, but not before having paid a little visit to spotify to download the aforementioned album.

AirPods in and I did me some truly transcendental listening and suffice it to say, my day got a whole lot better after that.

See? Movies and Empire magazine: they will change your life.

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