By dunkyc


With the children dropped at school and The Eldest hibernating at her mother’s, I was left to my own devices today.

The frustration of malfunctioning IT equipment was broken by a nice chat with an old chum on the way back from a trip into town, promptly followed by another chat with another old chum. Much nicer way to spend the day.

The trip into town was necessitated by the fact that every member of my immediate family elected to be born in June, so numerous cards needed to be purchased and dispensed to accompany presents being dispatched from elsewhere.

However, it was nice to spend an evening wrapping presents for Matty and writing cards whilst watching Bo Burnham’s brilliant Netflix special ‘Inside’. A work of tortured creative genius borne of lockdown fatigue. Definitely worth a look if you don’t mind a few swears.

The other big news is that Loki was released on Disney+ today and as first episodes go, it was a stonker and set up another world very nicely. 

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