By dunkyc

Spatter patter

Following the adrenaline surge of getting through opening night and actually putting a decent performance out there, it was important to surf the adrenaline wave and carry it through into the second night, which we were able to do.

My mastery of the splat pack still leaves a lot to be desired and at a key moment, where I am meant to be covered in blood, I somehow contrived to send the majority of it over a set wall, a chair and another member of the cast who subsequently resembled a Jackson Pollock masterpiece. She did well not to laugh onstage, and we were relieved to see the lights drop at the end allowing us all to have a chuckle backstage.

I think the crew were marginally less impressed as they did their best impression of a crime scene clean up crew (I counted four working on it at one point) and my favourite groan was “how did you get it on the window seat?!” It’s a fair point as it is a good few feet away from the point of impact.

Two down and we’re halfway through the run.

Still find it hard to believe!  

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