Into Temptation

Or Digital Village.

It is impossible to have too many guitars. I know this but the problem I have is that our office is next to a music shop and I am forced to stop and stare at them every time I walk past.

Sometimes I even go in.

I've been trying to cut down. However after watching Mr Marr last night I found I could not resist and so at lunchtime I went to see if they had a Fender Jaguar, just so I could have a look, I was not going to buy one, never even considered it, but if they had one then maybe a little play, just to get it out of my system.

It is the first time this year I have been in... I work practically next door, I'm doing well here.

Luckily it is staffed by nice folks and not high pressure salesmen, so they allow people like me to wander about the shop gawping at the lovely guitars and will indulge me (and Alfie) when we want to have a go on something.

Alas (or luckily) no Fender Jaguars, so I asked if I could take a picture to feed my other problem (blip) and then explained all about that!

To be fair over the years I have bought a few guitars, a lot of strings, dozens of plectrums and the odd cable from them. At some point in a few years (maybe for my 50th;)) when we have finished the extension and have some spare cash I might treat myself, after all I really need a Fender Jaguar, Johnny Marr edition, and a new acoustic, and a 12 string, and then there is the amp and a few more effects. Need ;)

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