By JanetMayes

Project 365 day 158: The Avenue

Today I walked to the centre of the village to catch the afternoon post with a last minute birthday card. There is a post box just along the road from our house, but it only has a morning collection, and I wasn't that organised. I took this on the way back home. The Avenue is mainly horse chestnut and beech, but there are a few other things too, so a lovely mix of colours and leaf shapes. I'm not sure when it was planted, but they are very tall, mature trees, and there is a large rookery high in the tops, so it is often very noisy, though in summer the nests are not visible from the ground. To the left is the primary school field, and to the right there is a stretch of grass known as the triangle which is used for occasional village events and informal play. The hourly 17 bus to Folkestone has stopped at the end of the Avenue; children are arriving home from secondary schools in Canterbury. We are roughly halfway along the (slower) Scenic route through the Downs from Canterbury to Folkestone, about half an hour by bus from either. The double decker buses are fairly old - J bemoans the lack of wifi - but they are wheelchair accessible, with manual ramps and helpful, friendly drivers, and in normal times we used them at least a few times a month.

Every time I go to post a letter, I'm grateful to live in such a lovely place.

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