Strawberries soon

I took the macro lens down the garden intending to photograph the white campion which is currently flowering among the long, seeding grass in one of the uncleared areas of the vegetable garden in a patch of late afternoon sun , but I soon realised it would only be possible with full protective clothing covering my bare ankles and preventing nettles penetrating my lightweight trousers. Another day, I'll take a longer lens. 

The little strawberry plants have perked up very well in their large containers, and have plenty of flowers. This is a new arrangement: we have not done well with attempts at strawberry beds, because our vegetable beds were meadow for decades, centuries perhaps, before we fenced and dug them, and constantly try to revert to meadow with their enormous hoard of stored seeds. Beds which are dug annually are reasonably successful, but little plants left in the ground are quickly overrun and swamped by grass and weeds, and we don't have time for the frequent, assiduous weeding they need if they are to last beyond the first season. We hope the containers will be easier to maintain into a second and perhaps a third year, giving us more strawberries for longer.

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