A Bit of Sun and a Bit of Snow

How can you be driving along in sun so bright you need sunglasses and through snow flurries at the same time?! This weather is mad!!
Usual Wednesday today - Mrs C and Mr R coming round for lunch before Tumbletots, Tumbletots, home for an hour's television housework while Miss L naps in the car, to school for Miss E, half an hour chatting and freezing on the field while Miss E, Miss L and their friends run around and climb trees, home to hotdogs and chocolate mousse.
Well The Little Misses had hotdogs and chocolate mousse. I am on my second 500 calorie day so I've had half a tin of tomato soup so far today and am looking forward immensely to my egg salad later on!
It's been much easier today than Monday. I think the knowledge that I can eat what I like tomorrow means I'm not even tempted to give in.

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