By FrankS


It has been hot and sunny today.  We went into Stratford after lunch, the aim being coffee. As it was, all our favourite coffee shops were in direct sunlight  so we hunted around and settled on Havilands Tea Rooms on Meer Street who had a table in the shade.

Before setting off I spotted (pun intended) a ladybird on the plant in the corner of the front garden plot.  I know the theme set by Pinkhairedlady for today's Tiny Tuesday is Green, but you could argue that the majority of the picture, and the tiny florets, are green, just not the ladybird (which is tiny AND upside down!).

I'm expecting a delivery of an electric toothbrush.  For seventy odd years I've brushed my teeth the old fashioned way, though now I'm using a bamboo brush, twice a day and have a few fillings but none missing.  But... the hygenist I saw seemed very surprised that I was not using an electric brush and should immediately buy one, even showing me the one she recommends.  Now I don't know if she's on commission but I thought, well why not give it a try, I can always go back to my old brush if I don't get on with it.

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