By Beinghere

Crail Harbour

We had a lovely surprise at breakfast time this morning when youngest son popped in for a chat.  He was working in the area.  Geordie went daft, he hasn`t seen Grant in ages.  It was good to catch up on all his news.  I mentioned my plans for a raised flower bed, so he is going to pop down again tomorrow with some wood for me.  Perfect!

I planned to go to Kingsbarns beach for our big walk today, but when we got to Kingsbarns the road down to the beach was closed while they patch it up.  So we turned tail and drove back to Crail, where we parked the car and set off on the coastal path west in the direction of Cellardyke.  It was fairly sunny, warm and dry, and there were few people around, so a perfect day for walking.

We walked as far as Caiplie Caves, then turned and walked back. About 3 miles return.  Geordie was running loose the whole way and was very well behaved.  Phew!

Halfway to Caiplie there is an old cottage that sits close to the water.  Geordie and I sat out on some rocks and planned how we would turn it into our holiday cottage.  At the moment it looks as though it would be a bit drafty, so it would maybe need some roof repairs and some new windows.  (Extra).  But it has beautiful views of the Isle of May, and across the Firth of Forth to East Lothian.  One can but dream.

We were just home when Gary came for a cuppa and a catch-up.
The rest of the day I have done very little.  A lot of pottering, which I find I have become rather good at.  Then it was time to water the plants.  All my seedlings seem to be doing fine at the moment.  They are all outside now which means my kitchen looks a lot less like a greenhouse.

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