By dfb24


...trees in the "village". I bought two sets of these tiny buildings when the twins were about two or three. The sets came with a variety of buildings, animals, a farmer and farmers' wife and an assortment of trees. My step-daughter, the twins and I would go to lunch fairly frequently & they'd always get antsy when they had to wait for their food, so I'd pull out these little sets and they'd play with them until their food came; worked great to keep them occupied. Now Mae plays with them when she comes over. I'm going to pick her up from day care today and take her to her dance class. I've offered to do that on Tuesdays and Thursdays because Jennie works until 5:30 & otherwise Mae wouldn't be able to go to dance class all summer. It's not far from us & I'll get to spend some time with her, so I don't mind at all.  :)
Thanks to Pinkhairedlady for hosting TinyTuesdays this month. 

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