Not a fan

New connections

I didnt feel motivated to run but made myself walk instead. Sat by the river on a memorial bench and said hello to Bob who I never met and who died quite some time ago. I know his wife.

Last week I spoke to 'Dr Ians' widow who was polishing the plaque on his bench. I dont know his wife but I told her I sometimes sit on his bench and say hello. I never met him. He died 2 years ago and was having a polish on their wedding anniversary.

I was sad this morning. Fortunately there are few people around at 5.30am and I only spoke to a man who was going fishing.

My niece made a surprise appearance at my Dad's. Hopefully he appreciated it.

The fan is coming down I really don't like it at all. I'm wondering if anyone might and if I should free cycle or recycle.

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