Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

A Year

Such a busy day I didn’t get any photos so this may be the start ( 2nd photo) of a new series.   !      “the Comforter Chronicles”.  Instead of taking some photos on my table top that’s usually here, it’s now my bed with this comforter on it. ( gathering more stuff every day).   Got the last of these books back a week ago...there were a few gray pages so they replaced the book with a new upload from me.    The old upload  must have been interrupted, but Blurb took care of it, bless them.
Might be interesting someday to see my small stay at home world for one whole year in  these 7x7 in.full page picture books. (Extra).  Certainly a record of what’s blooming in the neighborhood when. 

Much time spent with hassles with coordination of the home health services and my regular clinic but met a new nurse we quite liked.   Except the two of us couldn’t make her INR machine work. ...maybe tomorrow...
. also spent time with the security company monitoring our video camera and learned how to download the videos of the burglar ( 2 days ago)  so I have the whole thing on my computer as they are only on the cloud for a week.  Glad I figured that out,
It’s shocking how tired it all makes me. 

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