Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

5 star restaurant

This is just beyond my wildest imagination.  Dinner served warm by my smiling BFF, who drove here in some traffic with this great.treat.... for our souls.   the best meal  I’ve had in weeks!   And there’s some for tomorrow.

I didn’t  have nightmares last night but I took a sleeping pill and today I want to think good things, not creepy burglaries..   
My friend  Randi is the best.  
The home PT was here and we worked on my terrible balance... and I did a whole flight of stairs up and down.   He’s a cheerleader. 
Had a lovely zoom with two Parker island friends we haven’t seen for too long.   So relieved P looked good in spite of too much chemotherapy and C is being the caregiver extraordinaire.. and she just bought a truck for herself.
And for more positive vibes.    The Seattle schools of course had no senior proms this year, so the kids took control and made their own.   Nik and some friends rented a house for the night , Tatum and friends met in a friends big backyard for dinner dancing and all.   Extras are their dress up selves ( with Nik’s girlfriend) 

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