The second half of life..

By twigs

Drinking buddy

I'd just hung up after a morning chat with T when I heard the distinctive call of the Tui.  I cautiously opened the back door, camera in hand and was thrilled to hear the tui song coming from much closer than I'd thought.  I'd barely taken one small step out of the house when suddenly not one, not two but three tuis burst out from the kowhai and flew away.  Better still.........the song continued from within the tree so there must have been four of them.  Wow!  It all happened so quickly the camera was never even raised to my eye - that didn't matter though.........they're getting closer......

In the absence of any tui pics I couldn't resist these two after they 'discovered' that the bottle they've been hanging around under for the past couple of weeks (and is hopefully slowly luring the tuis in) is actually full of delicious sugar water!  Once they made their 'discovery' they seemed to want to just keep on drinking.  I think I might have to add a wee platform for them though as both of them were pretty much up on their tippy-toes to get to the sipper.  If......when.......the tuis do come to the bottle I suspect the silvereyes will have to stick to the truffles as I don't think the tuis will have a bar of sharing the water.  Time will tell.

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