By PaulShelley

Shaz's Street Art

An early morning start doing a cycle escort into Bloomsbury with one of the gang for his regular 6-week change of fluids for his continuing condition. He's very cheerful about it and doesnt complain. Because we were in good time we all bought a coffee and pedalled round to Queen's Square to sit on the grass and drink it. Entering the gardens on our bikes very slowly impeding nobody we were suddenly harangued by a medic type that it was no cycling. We immediately dismounted and I apologised but pointed out there were no signs saying No Cycling. "You Ar*eh*le" she screamed, "You aren't allowed to cycle in any park". I pointed out that you can in parts of Hyde Park. "This isn't Hyde Park I hope you die a horrible death" she spat at one of the group. Chris, our colleague up for his treatment said that he hoped she wasn't his nurse!

All very entertaining. From there on to Pellicci's café in Bethnal Green for a good camera chat with photo society pals, one being Rob. I got shouted at a second time, this time by the waiter who F'd and blinded at me to sit down and he would bring the bill over after I had asked for it at the counter. I think it's all part of the theatre at this east end diner.

After that I rode back round the corner to see if a street artist I had passed earlier was still working. Fortunately she was still immersed in this intricate piece. I asked if I could take a picture and she introduced herself as Shaz (Sharon) and enthusiastically explained to me what she was up to. I was very impressed with the painstaking detail in this design.

 Taking it easy now. Hoping that I don't incur any more abuse. That's enough for one day.

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