Insane day at work.

Today's blip is a starting to fade ox-eye daisy.

<political rant follows.../>

My wife has been canvassing again, there are plenty of good people here on our side of the river who will engage with you and hold a rational conversation. Not saying they support everything she says, but at least they are polite and the conversation is constructive. In Dinard, far to many are too selfish or have swallewed the poisonous nonsense on Facebook and the like.

It sounds far to similar to the lies spread in the UK and US recently, which boils down to: it's people who are poorer than you, people with a different colour to you, people from a different country to you, people of a different religion to you (usually Islam), or the "elite"... are making you poor Add to this, the assumption all politicians lie, then people either don't bother voting or vote for fringe nutters.....!

It's so depressing, the National Front are on target for big wins here, which is so depressing as their main policy seems to be x-raying child immigrants to make sure they are children.... Brittany hardly has any immigrants of any kind and historically had a shrinking population....!

<political rant ends.../>

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