By hazelh

Wisteria on the cycle path

I hope that the wisteria that I have planted next to my shed will eventually grow to be as beautiful as this one. I captured my blip on the cycle path when taking my walk this morning. Our route was to Starbank Park. Here we saw the recent plantings of the Earl and Countess of Strathearn.

Back home again I started another busy day at work. I delivered a conference paper remotely, dealt with email, met Marina with my co-supervisors at her weekly supervision meeting, wrote, attended a research seminar at which Leo presented our co-authored paper from a recent conference, then prepared for tomorrow's meetings. I worked hard in the hope that I can manage to finish work early tomorrow afternoon/evening for a bike ride with Mr hazelh while the weather holds.

Once again I finished work so late that it has been a real rush to eat dinner, phone Mummy hazelh, water the plants, and post my blip. I hope that there is time for at least half an hour of wind-down television before I retire for my bath and bed.

Exercise today: walking (~9.5k steps).

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