By Shutterup


Freshly sheared sheep.. not sure what breed but they were rather fun they were a part of a big flock and were come and inspect everyone in their field.. they checked out the shady areas and ran from one end to the other grazing and came close to say hello.  
Tintern Abbey on the list of to dos today.. not sure ruins are really my thing when it comes to painting but it was pleasing to know that Turner stood where we stood painting the same subject!!  (Rather better ... but that's ok!)
It's been a blast.  Home tomorrow but I might have to go and find some nice local cider to take home with me. It has been a real tonic to be away from home and laughing till our sides ache.. unfortunately one of the friends here has some news.. her step son has tested positive for covid yesterday and visited her husband at their home on Monday...  they were apparently mostly outside but he did go into the house too... do hope he doesn't get it.  They have been shielding as he is terribly vulnerable but at least he's had both vaccines.. keeping fingers crossed. 

A new Great Niece arrived safely yesterday... yippee.. cannot wait to meet her!

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