A Day In The Life

By Irish59

Hopefully Not The Last

It was thrilling to see this beautiful Eastern Tiger Swallowtail in one of our blooming Macfarlane lilac trees! It’s the first butterfly of the season, and hopefully not the last. Seeing this one so early I think is a good sign. I say this because we did not see a butterfly here in our yard until late summer last year, and sadly it was only one of the two we did see. Their absence was noticeable and unusual; the theory is the extremely dry conditions during spring and summer kept them away. Despite the early heat and minimal moisture so far this spring, I’m optimistic last summer will not be repeated • Of course it was hot again today but clouds helped keep us going in the garden until all that we needed to do got done. We’ve had great success growing potatoes in bags and this year’s crop is - so far - no exception! The plants are happy and growing. We covered them all with more soil and gave them all a big drink! • Did someone say drink? Count me in! Cheers to you all :)

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